iPhone 6 Case, iPhone 6s Case, Black Red SaharaCase® X-Case Protection Kit with *Bonus ZeroDamage® Tempered Glass Screen Protector [120 Mix-Match Color Combinations] 3-Layer Protective Design (Black) …


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Life is lived on the Edge. SaharaCase X-Case Protective Kits are designed for people with an active lifestyle that require the very best protection for their iPhone 6/6s.

Support your favorite sports team with a case sporting your team colors. Be the loyal fan your team needs.

X-Case provides rugged protection against heavy drops and impacts, without bulk and extra weight.

The premium X-Case Protective Kits for iPhone 6 and 6s are made with finest grade rubberized TPU and solid PU plastic materials. The only cases designed by cell phone repair engineers to offer ultra robust, rugged protection for your iPhone, while remaining super lightweight and ultra thin!

Broken screens account for 90% of reported phone accidents, and that’s an expensive and very inconvenient repair. X-Case Kits include the Industry toughest ZeroDamage® tempered glass screen protector for protection against impacts and scratches while remaining smooth to the touch with a finish similar to the original iPhone screen. ZeroDamage® glass is ultra-clear and 3D touch compatible.

Ergonomically designed with precision cut outs for easy access to side buttons and ports.

Built-In professional Camera Hood offers better contrast and colors for improved images while protecting the camera lens from scratches and damage!

SaharaCase X-Case Protective Kits offer the following key benefits:

- Made with selected high grade rubberized TPU and hard plastic materials.
– Includes a ZeroDamage® Tempered Glass Screen Protector with lifetime guarantee.
– Ergonomic precision edge cut outs for easy access to buttons and charge port.
– Stunning range of colors with more than 120 Mix-and-Match combinations.
– Built-In Professional rear Camera Hood enhances photos for better imaging, and protects the camera lens from scratches.

Life is short. Live on the edge with SaharaCase X-Case Protection Kits.

  • SaharaCase X-Case Protection Kit Fits iPhone 6 & 6s. Made for the ones who live life on the edge. The X-Case offers extreme protection for your next adventure and protects your phone from impacts and drops while remaining lightweight
  • ZeroDamage® Tempered Glass Screen Protector included with every Protective Kit for Uncompromising protection against screen damage and scratches
  • With more than 120 mix-and-match combinations, the X-Case is the best way to show support for your favorite sports team
  • Ergonomically designed to allows easy access to buttons and ports, while using premium rubberized and plastic material to look great for the life of your phone
  • Designed by veteran phone repair engineers. The SaharaCase® Mobile Protective Kit Includes a case, ZeroDamage® tempered glass, alcohol prep pad, microfiber cloth, dust removal tool, and squeegee