Neewer® S6 3X Optical Magnification Foldable Viewfinder for Canon 5DS,7D,7DII,5DII,5D3,D810,D800E,D750,D300S,D600,D610,Nikon D3200,D5300,D5200 and Other 3″/3.2″ LCD Screen DSLR Cameras


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Note:The camera is NOT included.


It offers an adjustable diopter that enlarges the LCD image by a factor of 3.0.

Suitable for 3″/3.2″LCD screen with 4:3/3:2 ratio

Mounting plate is 1/4″ thread.

Provides extremely clear,magnified view.Essentially when shooting video in daylight conditions.

Two different modes: Magnification and Standard.Magnification mode provides a 3.0x magnified

Simply flip up the eyepiece to use as a sunshade hood.Includes an adjustable rubber eye cup for user.

Attaches to your camera by using the included mounting plate.

The steps to install:

1.Start by attaching the mounting plate under your camera,then seperate the frame from the viewfinder and reverse it.

2.Loosen the screws on the frame and plate side and insert the viewfinder frame into the plate.

3.Adjust the frame front/rear vertical and horizontal to fit your cameras LCD(use the extension frame for battery grips).

4.Tighten the screws on the frame and plate, make sure the viewfinder doesn’t move.

5.To remove the viewfinder simply loosen the screw on the plate side.



Lens:3 piece/group


Adjustable Diopter:±3


Lens Aperture:40mm

Support LCD:3″/3.2″ 4:3/3:2 ratio


Screen Size:2.6″ x 1.97 “/6.6cm x 5cm

Compatibility: 3″/3.2″ LCD screen with 4:3/3:2 ratio DSLR camera

Canon 5DS,7D,7DII,5DII,5D3,D810,D800E,D750,D300S,D600,D610

Nikon D3200, D5300, D5200, D5100,D600,D7000

Olympus E-5, E-P5, E-P3

Lumix DMC-GF5, G1

Package Includes:

1 x Viewfinder S6

1 x Metal Frame

1 x Mounting Plate

2 x Lanyard

  • Supports 3″/3.2″ LCD screen with 4:3/3:2 ratio.
  • Two Framing Modes:3X Magnification and 1:1 Standard,can take pictures quickly.
  • Easy to install and remove with adjustable frame and mounting plate,swivel screen friendly.
  • 3X optical magnification helps observe fine details.Well sealed hood blocks out the light while magnifying the frame for accurate color and focusing.
  • The images viewed from the LCD display are clear and more accurately.Can be moved back/forth/left/right/up/down.Note:Don’t use battery grip when in use the viewfinder