POWERED BY SIOCORE Macro Retro Adapter ( Retroadapter ) 55mm thread to Sony A (MA) Bajonet, like most Sony Alpha A / SLT Series DSLR, Konica Minolta Dynax and analogous Konica Minolta SLR MA Bajonet cameras


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The function of this ‘Powered by SIOCORE’ Retro Adapter:
screw the Macro-Retro Adapter on the Bayonet of your Camera, turn around the used Lens and screw it on the Macro-Retro Adapter by using the Filter thread.
The “inverted” Lens is now working similar to a magnifier, with the reproduction quality of the used Lens.
The aperture as well as the focusing has to be set manually. The exposition and the aperture priority will be calculated automatically by the Camera in most cases.
When using older manually focusing Lenses the aperture is set on the Lens.
When using current AF-Lenses the Lens is screwed on, the aperture is then set in manual mode of the Camera. The stop down key is pressed and held and the Lens is then screwed off. So the set aperture retains. br>
*Adapter precisely CNC-milled
*Black hard-anodised for grit resistence and reduction of flares
*Image scale appr. 1:8 up to 1:2,8 (depending on Lens)
*If using a Zoom-Lens the image scale is variable.
*The lower the focal length of your Lens the higher the image scale.
*precise shaping
*The reproduction quality of the used Lens fully retains.
*easy attachment and screwing off of the Adapter
*automatic catching to protect against overWinding
scope of delivery:
*1x ‘Powered by SIOCORE’ Macro-Retro Ring for Sony / Konica Minolta MA bajonet

  • This item is compatible respectively applicable to e.g.:
  • SONY Alpha A100, A200, A230, A290, A300, SLT-A33, A330, SLT-A35, A350, A380, A390, A450, A500, SLT-A55V bzw. SLT-A55, A550, A560, A580, SLT-A58, SLT-A65V bzw. SLT-A65, A700, SLT-A77V bzw. SLT-A77, A850, A900, KONICA MINOLTA DYNAX 3000i, 300si, 3700i, 500si, 505si, 505si super, 500si super, 5700i, 5xi, SPXi, 3xi, 400si, 404si, 5000i, 600si, 650si, 7, 7000i, 700si, 7700i, 9, 5D, 7D, 8700i and a lot of KONICA MINOLTA SLR cameras with Konica Minolta MA Bajonet