REALMAX® Compact Digital Hard Camera Case Cover Bag For Sony, Cannon, Samsung, Fujifilm, Olympus, Panasonic, Kodak, Casio, Nikon Camera Next Day Dispatch


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Do you want to Buy Digital Camera case Cover And Save Your Camera? ThisREALMAX® Digital Hard Camera Case Cover is the perfect solution.

Apply digital camera models

Sony:TX66,300,200,100,20,10,55,T110,T5,T9,T10,T20,T30,T50,T100 WX150,100,70,50/S,690,670,630,620,610,7,9,30,10,50,W50,5570,80,90,300,200,100,T70,200,300,500,700,90,900,77,110,120,130,150,170,190, N1 N2 WX1 TX1 W290 S930 S730 G3W210 W220 W290 W310 W320 W330 W350 W390 TX7C TX5C J10 J20 T series, W series, S series, ect.

Cannon: IXUS510,500,310,240,125,115,220,230,980,960,950,860,850,90 ,85,80,65,60,55,970,70,75,870,100,990,95,120,200,110,900,850,IXUS800IXUS750 A480 E1IXUS105 IXUS130 IXUS210 A495 A490 A3000 A3100 A3200 A3300 A2200 A4000 A3400 A2300 A2400, ect.

Samsung: ST100,55O,45,50,500,10, PL65,10,51,55,60,70,50,310, L301 L201 L210 L110 L100 ES15 ES55 ES17 ES60 ES10 IT100 I8 I100 I80 NV100 NV3 NV9 NV33 S1070ST60 ST70 PL80, ect.

Fujifilm: J35 J250 J38 J26 J25 Z33 Z31 Z30 Z100 Z200 Z300 F200 F75 F60 A100 A225 A175, ect.

Olympus: U1070 FE5000 FE4010 FE46 X935 X915 X905 X920, ect. FE5020 U1010 U1020 U1040 U1060 U1070 FE3000 FE5010 FE4000 FE360 FE370, ect.

• Panasonic, Kodak,Casio,Nikon ect.


• Classic looking
• Hard Shell Protective Digital Camera Case with belt loop and Wrist strap
• Perfect match for your nice camera
• Easy to clean
• High quality, compact, lightweight, extremely durable material and easy to carry
• To protect your camera against damages , dust and scratches


• Material: bag external are PU leather
• Inside : (10cm Length * 7cm Width * 2cm Depth)
• Color: Black

Compact Digital Hard Camera Case Bag

products has 45 days money back Guarantee and 12-month, no quibble warranty

  • REALMAX® Inside Dimension : (10cm Length * 7cm Width * 2cm Depth) 100% Brand New High Quality – Suitable for compact-sized cameras Stylish with a smart pattern.
  • Made from a hard-wearing, rigid outer material and a soft inner lining Shock resistant carrying case provides weather resistant protection for your digital camera.
  • Interior secure-fit holds your device in place and reduces the impact of bumps and drops – to protect your camera against damages , dust and scratches.
  • Soft, scratch-resistant interior keeps your device and screen looking like new, and features a mesh pouch for storing small accessories.
  • Includes detachable wrist strap for convenience and portability!