Overview Sevenoak SK-F03 is a simple but useful focus and zoom controller designed for most DSLR cameras. Designed with adjustable diameter, SK-F03 is compatible with almost any DSLR lenses and fits for most DSLR cameras. SK-F03 can be used for...

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Product Details This is a zoom lens set compatible with Samsung Galaxy S6. Each lens set contains a zoom iPhone lens attachment for 12x the zoom, a sleek, black back case that allows you to firmly fix the lens on your Samsung Galaxy S6, and a...

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Designed for consumers who prefer creating their effects naturally "in camera" instead of spending hours at a computer, our FX filter kit delivers Star, Soft Focus and Warming-three popular effect filters all in one convenient package. And, to...

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NOTE:Camera and Rods are Not Included Description: During various filmming situations,the effecient method to control focus is always needed to make desired effect. Therefore, the durable Neewer gear-driven follow focus tries its best to help...

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This rig set is compatible with any standard 15MM rail system for your DSLR rig or cage. It is designed for handheld use. This makes it possible to deliver excellent results without any jerk or motion problems. Make you shoot or video production...

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