The Flightdeck Survival Manual: How to survive a career flying aeroplanes for a living


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A selection of short stories containing the accrued wisdom of a career spent flying aeroplanes for a living. These stories express in graphic detail the challenges facing modern airline crews today. They deal with Technical, Environmental and Human Factors with explanations of the more obscure industry terminology. The stories tell the tale of the Human side of commercial aviation and allow the reader to join the crew on the line, in the Flightdeck and the Cabin as they face each difficult decision or challenging scenario. Capt James McBride is a Senior Airline Training Captain and Check Airman, with approval to train and check pilots in the Simulator aswell as in the Aircraft. He has had the advantage of flying many different aircraft types within Military and Civil arenas. He flew Air Display aircraft for 7 years and has operated Air Experience Flights for RAF Air Cadets also. In his own words, he has made many errors and mistakes and learned lessons from each and every one – many of those valuable lessons are now revealed here for the benefit of the current and future generations of pilots.